remote app selection what it will show: foldback or normal 'live' screen

currently the remote app shows only the live screen.

What are the options to make another remote app screen beeing the foldback screen? 
You would then select per device it if would get the stream for foldback or for live view?

Or that we allow that selected at the device app itself on the device?

At this moment I still have to setup external cabling for on stage usage by the players/singers for foldback and they like to view the foldback screen on their tablets as well.



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I like this idea very much too!

Yes please!

Is there any update on this request? 
As the features page of EW   shows:

"With our EasyWorship Remote App for iOS and Android, control your schedule from the stage or use your tablet as a foldback screen".
This would imply that the remote app can act as a foldback screen but it really can't at this moment? It just sets the wrong expectations is what I would think.

Cheers, Jeroen

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