Name of bible translation & abbreviation: BIBLIYA
Language: CEBUANO
Publisher name and contact information if known:  


P.O. Box 1735 
Macau S.A.R. (China)


(+853) 28880006

Fax:(+853) 28880068



(5.85 MB)

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i tried reaching out them many times but still not answering my emails.. i think their website is unmanage. could you please consider this? if posible?

Your consideration is really appreciated.

thanks and God bless.

Hi Ricky, unfortunately, we are unable to provide the Bible unless we have approval from the Publisher/Bible Society. This is due to copyright laws in the United States where we are located. We would be happy to add it but are unable to until we have a signed contract from the Publisher.

we hope that this bible will be approve soon, we need it. Thank You

Hi Mary, we have approved it on our end but have been unable to reach the publisher in charge. We are legally unable to offer the Bible until we have a signed agreement with the publisher.

I am sorry for the delay of this request.

I created this request last year but until now i was unable to reach out the publisher.

If you sir/ma'am grant this for a second time, I would highly recommend this publisher to become our alternative solution for Cebuano Version/Translation of this bible plugin.

Please reach out this publisher on my behalf. maybe they can help us. i have attached the website and contact link of this Publisher (Gideons International) below.

Hoping for your moderate response on this request . Thanks and God Bless You, EasyWorship Family and Staff.

Publisher's Website: The Gideons International - Philippines

Publisher's Contact Page: The Gideons International - Contact Us

Publisher's Facebook Page: The Gideons International in the Philippines - Facebook Page

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I pray that the publisher will approve this, as soon as possible.

in behalf of cebuano people here in Philippines, and with the love of Christ and as brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus our Lord , please grant our desire to add cebuano version because there are lot of EW users here in Visayas and Mindanao. 

I would recommend reaching out to the publisher of this Bible on our behalf to request it as we still have not heard back.

please I'm begging to the creator of this software, please have a Cebuano version for the Philippines of the Easyworship 2009 because it is still in use as of this time

Nothing happen almost years past by T.T

We have made multiple attempts to reach this publisher to request the Bible. We are unable to offer this Bible without their approval. If you would like to see this Bible in EasyWorship, I recommend reaching out to them on our behalf and encouraging them to contact us. Otherwise, we will be unable to complete this request as it stands.

Can we look for another publisher that publish cebuano version of Bible.?

Does easyworship not allow recommending other church presentation software programs? I mean clearly I understand why since you might lose customers but this is more than business. To everyone who doesn't know, there is a program called "VideoPsalm" and its simple to use, literally anyone can learn it in 15 mins. It has the bible translation you people of Philippines use including dialects. VideoPsalm has existed for years and its performance is excellent until this day!
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