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I would love to have the ability to disable a slide (verse of a song) for those times when we skip a verse, but I don't want to make a separate song file just for this new "arrangement" as the rest of the song is still the same, and we very likely would sing that verse again at a later date.

Something in the Schedule editor that would let you right click on a slide and disable or enable it would be fairly simple and flexible.

I searched the forum and couldn't find this request anywhere, kinda surprised I'm the first one...



Instead of what you suggest, we just put a song in a schedule, then edit the song in the schedule for that days arrangement. Then it does not require having more than one of each song in the database. Also, a very helpful feature is you can delete slides right in the Preview pane.

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As an addition to what Craig's written above:
If that same skipping may happen many times in the future, it's advisable to have a 2nd version of the song saved in your database.

Like me, in our Praise and Worship, we have 2 versions of song for "How Great is Thou Art":

1. How Great is Thou Art (Full Lyrics)

2. How Great is Thou Art (Refrain Only),

It's because we very often use the both versions in many occasions.

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