Remote for Android phones in EasyWorship 7

  • How would you like the feature to work? This feature would be identical to the IOS remote only for Android devices. In the UK both manufacturers enjoy equal share of the market about 48% but after the recent publicity over Apple slowing down older phones that will likely change here.

  • Why is this feature important to you? This would allow us to benefit from the same features as those who have access to Apple devices.


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That is good to hear. Hope it won't be too long as our tech desk and worship team are nearly all on andoid.

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This would be great!!! Looking forward to it.

We use team viewer to remote computer from front of church with tablet. I set tablet by my music and I can monitor slides, and advance them if they are wrong. At least till they build an app.

I too  hope that you will offer a android version of the remote app. As other people hear have stated we have more people using android devices then IOS. Our church has been using your product when we first started projecting our service. We have found your service to be fairly priced and user friendly, it would be a blessing to us if we had a android remote app, as we could then share this with many vision impaired people that have a problem viewing the projection. Our music minister would also like to be able to view while at the keyboard. I just think that this would help share Christ message. 

Just wanted to weigh in and ask for an Android version for Remote access this would be a great feature for us.

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Hi Friends!

The EasyWorship Android Remote app is now in Beta.

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The remote is available on the app store and has been out of Beta for a few months now. If you have not already downloaded it, you can search "EasyWorship Remote" on the Google Play store to find and download the app.