Control number of lines projected on screen

Could you include the functionality to control the number of lines of a song verse shown on a screen at a time? I'd like to be able to control text better in a text on video scenario, like a lower-third implementation, without having to manually seek to break the lines in the songs in the database. This way, I don't have to maintain and synchronize or switch between 2 song databases.


Uche Nwichi

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Great idea - I was thinking exactly the same (I have to admit I was thinking only one line at a time but if that was adjustable, even better).

I was going to raise a feature request for this then found this. A couple of further thoughts:
As Uche states this would currently require another song database with a separate verse for every line which is just cumbersome. What about being able to put the song system into a "line mode" rather than "page mode" (my terms!). This would allow using a larger font to be clearer or even restricted to a particular position on screen (for example lower third for mixing in with live video). This would also be considered for partially sighted members.

Not quite sure about song navigation in the line mode; at present, cursor keys change verse, perhaps they would change line instead (and drop into next verse/chorus as required)?

Ideally there would be a line view element to Themes so it would be possible to switch between the two modes but still keep common look and feel when switching between modes.

Clicking on a verse or Chorus would show first line only in line mode, then navigation as above.

Thanks again for your consideration - any likes or further comments?...

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